When it comes to appliances, there is perhaps nothing more frustrating than when you need to call a technician for an oven repair because your oven simply won’t heat up. Or maybe it does heat up – but never reaches the temperature you desire. So before you call an appliance repair company to fix your oven, note that there are many reasons for this and most of them can be fixed quite easily by experienced technicians. Below is a list of common causes behind a poorly-heated oven.

Faulty wire connection

Burnt wires are a common cause of poorly-heated ovens. The wire that supplies power to your oven’s element may have burnt out. Look at the wires leading to your element. This type of damage is usually easy to notice.


Weak oven igniter

Your oven igniter may be too weak and therefore not letting the gas valve to open. Experts say that if the oven igniter glows red for more than 90 seconds without igniting the gas flame, then this is a sign that the component must be replaced.


Broken elements

Apart from being a fire hazard, chipped or cracked oven elements can cause your oven to heat improperly. Check your elements for any disintegration. Sometimes, you may even notice a white powder spilling out of a broken element. This is a sure sign that the piece is damaged.


Faulty sensing bulb/oven thermostat

The sensing bulb of your oven thermostat may be loose or broken. If your thermostat ever needs recalibration, a qualified oven and stove technician is the only one that should be performing this type of work.


Issues with the oven control board

If there are problems with the oven control board, it may not be sending ample voltage to your oven’s heating components. Because the oven control board cannot be easily tested, it is a good idea to detect problems through a process of elimination. Check for the above problems first, and then call on a technician to test the control board.


Although the above causes are identified as common, it is not recommended that you try to remedy the problem alone. There are expert services are available to help you get the job done right. Give us a call, we are known for our quick dispatch of technicians and competitive rates for any type of appliance repair job and especially oven and stove repair.

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