Summer is still trying to hang in here but fall is certainly on its way.  To some this might seem like overkill but you should start thinking about getting your furnace checked.  On a day where it isn’t too hot turn it on and make sure the fans are blowing and that it actually starts to heat up.  Every year we end up with clients who are suffering from the cold because they assumed their furnace would work without any issue at all after being ignored for half of the year.


Testing during the fall when temperatures are not extreme will not only save you discomfort you will be able to be seen more quickly since not everyone will be checking early.  Generally during the first chill of the year furnace repair companies and technicians get flooded with phone calls and end up with appointments for days in a row.  Even then the parts that are needed may not be on hand and a days, or weeks, will be needed to get the parts in after ordering them.


Filters for furnaces tend to go on sale as well during the summer, so it might not be too late to grab some new ones for less!  A nice new filter will not only help with the purity of your air but it will help your furnace run longer.

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