Appliances are only getting more and more advanced and most will have a digital display to complement their modern computer boards.  Most manufacturers have been utilizing the digital displays to show error codes that assist consumers in fixing small issues and technicians to pinpointing damaged connections of parts.  While this is a great for helping find the issue the problem comes when someone with no technical training tries to diagnose a broken appliance and get quotes for repairs with nothing but the error code.


Error Codes, or Fault Codes, can offer input into things such as the fact that your machine stopped working because it was unbalanced and you need to redistribute the load properly, or perhaps there are too many suds or soap residue in the machine, or the drain is not working.


Using the drain not working as an example:  This tends to be taken as a sign that the drain pump is damaged and needs to be replaced.  While it is possible that the pump will need to be replaced this is not the only possible solution. Items end up getting stuck in drain pumps all the time, from the fabled missing sock to far more interesting items such as cuff links, and an item stuck in the pump will result in the exact same error code as a broken pump.


Always arrange to have an appliance repair technician come to inspect an appliance that is not working properly.  It can seem counter-intuitive but having a professional complete a diagnosis can actually save you money since they will ensure you are only getting repairs that need to be done.

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